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I'm a seller : How do I publish my ad ?

  1. First, pay for your ad. [One ad costs Can$ 10 and this covers for formatting the ad and posting it on the website].
  2. Send to Atelier Philidor the necessary information on the instrument you wish to sell, for this, indicate all the details below:
    • Instrument:
    • Model:
    • Pitch: A = xxx Hz
    • Wood:
    • Built in:
    • Instrument maker's name:
    • Country where the instrument is currently:
    • Price:
    • Instrument condition: (write a brief description)
  3. Include in your message the download links of at least 3-4 photos you have uploaded to a service like We Transfer or Dropbox. Photos are mandatory and essentials: the greater their quality, the sooner you'll sell the instrument.
  4. Atelier Philidor will publish your ad on the website within 3-5 days after reception of the information and photos. The ad will be announced also on the blog and on Twitter. Your personal information will never be published on the site.
  5. Atelier Philidor will forward you all the responses of interested buyers it receives. Up to you to answer or not.
  6. Once the instrument is sold, please let Atelier Philidor know. The ad will be updated as "sold".
  7. Atelier Philidor does not take any commission on the sale. Atelier Philidor is not responsible for the final transaction in any ways. It is recommended to use a contract of sale and a receipt of payment.
  8. If you have any further question, don't hesitate to contact Atelier Philidor.
    *Only active members are eligible to choose the "Member" options, when ordering facsimiles.
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