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  • Instrumentation: harp
  • Edition : Urtext - Harp & Hobbit Press, Wellington (2004)
  • Notation | Clefs: G2, F4
  • Pages | Format: 1 volume, 33 pages - Spiral bound
  • Editor : Astrid Nielsch
  • Text in English
  • A transcription of the harp tablatures from the 1677 collection of Spanish dance music, with an introduction to Spanish baroque harp technique and the Spanish dance repertory by Astrid Nielsch. Easy to medium difficulty. Suitable for chromatic harps, lever harps, pedal harps or keyboard instruments.
  • Revised & newly type-set version of the 1991 King's Music edition. Harp & Hobbit Press, 2004.
  • The music is written in staff notation format and can be played on guitar or keyboard instruments as well as harp.
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