Bach, JS - Six Trio Sonatas - BWV 525-530

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Sämtliche Orgelwerke - Band 6

Instrumentation: organ

Edition: Urtext (1996) - 1 vol. xvi-111 p.

State: New

Heinz Lohmann, ed.



Aria in F major BWV 587

Concerto (Trio) in Es BWV 597

Sonata I in Es BWV 525

Sonata II in C minor BWV 526

Sonata III in D minor BWV 527

Sonata IV in E minor BWV 528

Sonata V in C major BWV 529

Sonata VI in G major BWV 530

Trio in C minor BWV 585

Trio in D minor BWV 583

Trio in G major BWV 586

Trio in G major BWV 1027a

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