Bach, Johann Sebastian | English Suites | BWV 806-811

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Instrumentation: harpsichord or forte piano

Edition: Urtext (1998) - 1 vol. 152 p.

State: Used like new

Colin Tilney, doigtés & commentaires

Walther Dehnhard, ed.

This new Wiener Urtext Edition of J.S. Bach's English Suites addresses particularly the problematic question of extinct secondary sources. With Bach's autograph no longer surviving, the edition attempts to extract the original text from a plethora of manuscript copies by means of detailed comparisons and deduction. The edition attempts to amend passages that appear to be corrupted in all available sources and by careful reasoning bring them closer to Bach's probable intentions. All editorial decisions are documented in an extensive critical commentary, with the aim of enabling the readers to conduct their own critical evaluation of the musical text.
Indispensable notes on authentic performance practice contain valuable information for the performer.


Englische Suite 1 A-Dur BWV 806
Englische Suite 2 a-Moll BWV 807
Englische Suite 3 g-Moll BWV 808
Englische Suite 4 F-Dur BWV 809
Englische Suite 5 e-Moll BWV 810
Englische Suite 6 d-Moll BWV 811

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