Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto n°6 con violino solo obligato

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RV 356

Instrumentation: v, clavier reduction

Edition: Urtext (2012) - Score & parts

Status: New

Concerto in a minor opus 3 n°6 (L'Estro Armonico)

Christopher Hogwood, ed.
Annette Seyfried, realisation of the violin part
Wolfgang Birtel, keyboard reduction


The publication of a collection of 12 concertos for one to four solo violins by Antonio Vivaldi in Amsterdam in 1711 laid the foundations for the fame of the Italian composer in the whole of Europe. This opus 3, 'L'Estro Armonico', brought the musical world the first of more than 500 solo concertos altogether. Apart from 'The Four Seasons', these works are among the most popular works by Vivaldi even today. Concerto No. 6 in A minor for one solo violin can be regarded as one of the best liked for it is suitable for both beginner's and advanced lessons because of its technical demands. Its mixture of cantability and delight in playing, its passionate concertising in the outer movements and its soulful singing out in the Largo provide everything the heart of a – young – violinist desires.

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