Froberger, Johann Jakob - Ricercars & Capriccios

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from the Livres de 1656 & 1658

Instrumentation: consort | 4vdg (TrTTB ou TrTrBB)

Edition: Urtext (2012) - Score & parts

Status: New

Froberger, (1616-1667) was among the most influential keyboard composers of his century, uniting in his highly individual compositions the keyboard styles of France, Germany and Italy. These keyboard pieces, from his Livres of 1656/8, are modelled on those of his main teacher, Frescobaldi, and are interesting and challenging when arranged, as they are in this edition by Tobi Szuts, for viol quartet (treble, treble/tenor, tenor/bass, bass). There are two Ricercars, and five Capriccios. Score and 5 parts (includes alternate clef part for Viol 2).

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