Pellegrini, Domenico | Armoniosi concerti sopra la chitarra spagnola (1650)

  • Description

Original edition restored by Atelier Philidor.

  • Instrumentation: baroque guitar
  • Edition | Source: Facsimile (2018) | Bologna, Giacomo Monti, 1650
  • Language of text: Italian
  • Notation | Clefs: Italian tablature
  • Paper | Binding: Ivory colour paper & golden wire binding
  • Pages | Format: 1 volume, 67 pages - 21.6 x 27.9 cm
  • Weight: 270 g

Domenico Pelligrini (ca.1617-ca.1682) is an Italian guitar player, composer and member of the Accademia de Filomusi di Bologna. The Armoniosi Concerti is a treatise on how to play the chitarra spagnola and contains ricercari, allemande, brandi, correnti, passacagli, sarabande, toccate, balletto and “battaglia francese”.

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