Agazzari, Agostino | Del sonare sopra'l basso con tutti li stromenti e delluso loro nel conserto (1607)

  • Description

Original edition restored.

  • Instrumentation: lute, theorbo, chitarra, harpsichord, organ, harp
  • Edition | Source: Facsimile (2015) | Domenico Falcini, Siena, 1607
  • Text language: Italian
  • 1 volume, 15 pages | B&W

One of the earliest and most important treatises on basso continuo.This treatise was immensely important in the diffusion of the technique throughout Europe: for example, Michael Praetorius used large portions of it in his Syntagma musicum in Germany in 1618-1619. As was true with many late Renaissance and early Baroque theoretical treatises, it described a practice which was already occurring. In large part it was based on a study of his friend Lodovico Grossi da Viadana's Cento concerti ecclesiastici (published in Venice in 1602), the first collection of sacred music to use the basso continuo.

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