Terms & Conditions

Prices & Taxes

The selling prices of the products marketed on the www.atelierphilidor.com site are indicated  without shipping costs & taxes when applicable. These prices can be modified constantly without notice. Preserve your invoice; it will be used to you in the event of exchange or as refunding.

Taxes and customs: In the case of an order specifying a delivery outside Canada, the recipient will be regarded as the importer of the articles concerned with the order and for this reason will be payable of taxes and/or customs duties. These taxes and custom rights related with the country of destination remains with the exclusive load of the purchaser and raises of his whole responsibility as well in terms for declarations as for payment at the qualified organizations for the country concerned.

Orders & Payment

Any order is worth acceptance of the prices and description of the products available to the sale. The contract is formed during the emission of the confirmation of your order. As of the validation of your order, this one will be transmitted to our logistic services for treatment. You will systematically receive an email of confirmation of your order with the recall of the whole of the components of the contract. At any moment, you can obtain information about your order by contacting us, by email at atelier.philidor@hotmail.com or mail at the following adress: Atelier Philidor, 35 Salvador Allende Court, Toronto (On.) M6G 0A3, Canada. The orders along with their payment, can be made on Internet at www.atelierphilidor.com (payment by credit card and Paypal).


Payment: You can pay your order by: credit card (Visa, Mastercard), in full safety via GlobeCharge| Santu in the form of payment proposed during the process of order (secured payment by SSL encoding), by informing the credit card type, number, and check number (located at the back of your card) and expiry date. Your order will be treated with reception of your payment. It will be cancelled if your payment did not reach us within 30 days. You did not find the product sought on the site? You wonder about the methods of delivery abroad? And especially… you wish to make us share of your remarks or suggestions? We invite you to contact us. 

Delivery & Shipping

The shipping delay of the order includes the time of preparation and shipping of the order after payment. The ordered product will reach you in a reinforced packing. The mode and cost of the delivery are selected according to the destination and of the weight of the order carried out. The orders of the articles in stock are generally dispatched under two days. Delivery standard in Canada and US is 7 business days. For other countries, delivery standard for a parcel weighing less than 500 g is 8-10 business days. For parcels weighing more than 500 g, two shipping fees are proposed: economy (delivery in 4-6 weeks) or urgent (delivery in 8-10 days). Digital facsimiles (pdf files) are sent via We Transfer within 24h after order, without any shipping cost.

The shipping risks are the responsibility of the customer as from the moment when the products left the office of Atelier Philidor. During the delivery of the goods by conveyor, unpack them in the presence of the deliveryman. In the event of problem (missing or deteriorated parcels), mention it with precision on the delivery receipt. By precaution, if the deliveryman does not have time to wait, specify it on this same document. Any complaint is to be addressed to the conveyor, by registered letter, in the 48 hours. The consumer will be informed by email of the imminence of a sending concerning his order. In the event of delay of delivery compared to the date that we indicated to you in the email of forwarding, we suggest checking with your post office, then to announce us if necessary this delay by sending an email to us. Atelier Philidor will then contact Canada Post to launch an investigation.

Shipping costs include packing and stamping of the order. They are fixed according to the country of delivery and the total weight of the order. Postage is calculated according to the postage rates applicable by Canada Post. 

Return & Refund Policies

If a product is defective or not in conformity, Atelier Philidor is committed to exchange it or refunding it, provided it is returned to us in his original package and is accompanied by the corresponding invoice in the 15 days following the reception of the parcel. The parcel must be returned at: Atelier Philidor - 35 Salvador Allende Court, Toronto (On) M6G 0A3, Canada. The expenses of return will then be refunded to you according to the mode of calculation used for the sending. You will receive a refund or the product will be exchanged to you in the 21 days after the reception of your return. Transfer of property: The items transfer of property to the profit of the purchaser will be carried out only after complete payment of the price, whatever the delivery date of the items. On the other hand, the transfer of the loss and deterioration risks of the items will be carried out only with the delivery and reception of the items by the purchaser.


Protection of your personal data and confidentiality policy: The information required to you is necessary to treat and carry out your order. The personal data processing is done in the respect of the Canadian law. You constantly have a right of access and of modification of the personal data concerning you. Therefore, you can contact us by email to atelier.philidor@hotmail.com by mail to Atelier Philidor - 35 Salvador Allende Court, Toronto (On) M6G 0A3, Canada. In addition, we inform you that some “cookies” record certain nonconfidential information stored in the memory of your hard disk. Your navigator must be configured to accept or refuse the “cookies". 

Legislation & Applicable Law

The company Atelier Philidor emerges from any responsibility in the event of nonfulfilment of the contract due to a case of absolute necessity (strike, flood, fire, attack…). All the clauses appearing in the present general conditions of sale, like all the operations of purchase and sale aimed there, will be subjected to the Canadian Law.

Meaning of the general sales terms: The act of purchase indicates the acceptance of these general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale as well as the tariffs are expressly approved and accepted by the purchaser, who declares and admits having a perfect knowledge of it, and gives up, so to prevail itself of any contradictory document and, in particular, its own general conditions of purchase. The present conditions, dated February 1, 2015, can be modified at any moment without notice. 

Terms for returning products