Le Roux, Gaspard & Couperin, François | Trios for 3 viols | Book 1

  • Description
  • Instrumentation: 3 violes de gambe (BBB/TTB/DDB), basse continue (ad lib.)
  • Édition: Corda Music Pub. - Urtext (1990) - Conducteur & parties séparées
  • État: Neuf

Passepied by G. le Roux, Les Moissoneurs and Soeur Monique by F.Couperin. Three bass viols and continuo (keyboard, lute etc). Alternative parts included for treble and alto clef instruments. Part of the series French Music for Viols which is an introduction to this 17th and 18th century repertoire for those who have had only limited experience of solo music on the viol. The emphasis is on tuneful music which does not require a virtuoso technique from the player.

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