Gervaise, Claude - Quart livre de danceries (1550)

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Instrumentation: 4vdg/4flb (SATB)

Edition: Urtext - 1 vol. 33 pages [conducteur]

Etat: Neuf

Series: The Attaingnant Dance Prints

This is a complete edition in seven volumes of the collections of dances for instrumental ensemble published by Pierre Attaingnant of Paris between 1529 and 1557. Our edition of this series, which we originally published in the 1970s, has now been extensively revised, and a detailed commentary provided for each volume. All pieces are playable on recorders (ATTB or SATB), viols (TrTTB), violin family (VnVaVaVc), shawms, cornett and trombones, and other instrumental combinations.

This volume is distinguished by a number of particularly  elegant pavanes based on chansons of the period.

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