Barron, Marshall | Dances, Divisions & Diversions pour flûtes à bec & autres instruments à vent

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  • Instrumentation: 1flb, 3flb
  • Edition: Urtext (1990) - 1 vol. 60 p.
  • Etat: Neuf

"The Dances in this book are all from The English Dancing Master, published by Playford in 1651, with the exception of the Branle, which is from Thoinot Arbeau's Orchesography, 1589.

The Diversions, not dance tunes to my knowledge, are the beautiful "Bonny Sweet Robin" and "The Fall of the Leafe".

The Divisions are the fragmenting of those tunes into cascading scales, fountains of arpeggios, snowballing sequences."

(M. Barron)

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