Pachelbel, Johann - Pièces choisies pour orgue

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Instrumentation: orgue

Edition: Schott - Urtext - 1 vol. 34 p.

Etat: Neuf

Praeludium D minor
Ciacona D minor
Ciacona F minor

Although the Canon in D major for three violins and basso continuo earned him virtually worldwide fame, the oeuvre of Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) undoubtedly focuses on the field of organ music. His oeuvre influenced subsequent generations of organists until far into the 19th century and still holds a great fascination, particularly because of its cantabile style and melodious harmony.
This new edition contains three of the best-known and most frequently played works: the Prelude in D minor which is characterised by varied effects and a virtuoso obbligato pedal, as well as two melodious Ciacones in D minor and F minor with easily structured themes.

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