Krieger, Johann Philipp | Sonata Prima à doi, Violino e Viola da Gamba (1693)

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Instrumentation: violon, viole de gambe (basse), basse continue (cembalo)

Edition: Facsimile (2016) | Nürnberg, 1693

Parties séparées, 15 pages | Format : 8.5 × 14 in (216 mm × 356 mm) | N&B

Notation | Clefs : Sol2, Fa4, Ut3, Ut4, basse chiffrée

Johann Philipp Krieger (1649-1725) was a German composer, organist and keyboard player, elder brother of Johann Krieger. He was one of the outstanding German composers of his time, especially of church cantatas, of which he wrote over 2000 (nearly all lost); under his direction the cultivation of music at the small court at Weissenfels rose to the highest level of German court music.

Krieger provided the court at Weissenfels with secular as well as sacred music. Two published sets of trio sonatas – 12 for two violins and continuo (1688) and 12 for violin, bass viol and continuo (1693) – are, like Corelli’s but unlike Biber’s and Rosenmüller’s, for only three instruments instead of four.

(Source: Harold E. Samuel, Grove Music Online)


Sonata I à 2. Largo, Allegro, Adagio, Presto, Grave, Allegro, Poco adagio.

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