Strozzi, Barbara - Six Arias

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Opus 6

Instrumentation: 1vv (S), bc

Edition: Urtext (2003) - 1 vol. viii-34 p.

Etat: Neuf

Ellen Ritchey, ed.

Amore è bandito
Chi brama in amore
Lilla dici ch'io non t'amo
Lilla mia, non ti doler
Miei pensieri, e che bramante?
Non ti doler, mio cor

Unusual for her time, Strozzi had many works published in her lifetime. These six arias were probably composed for her own vocal performances, as she was an accomplished singer. All six are strophic in structure and display her sense of lyrical expression, careful text setting and intimate knowledge of the capabilities of the voice. 

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