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Langue: Anglais

Edition: Cambridge UP (2009) - 1 vol. 280 p. [reliure souple]

Etat: Neuf

First published in 1986, this is the first of two volumes devoted to the evolution of the Allemande, the Balletto, and the Tanz from 1540 to 1750. This first volume traces the history of the dances from the time of the Renaissance to the Baroque period as they moved across the face of Europe. Volume II supplements the history with an anthology of musical compositions.

Part I. The Renaissance:
1. The Deutscher Tanz for lute, cittern, and keyboard in Germany 1540–1603
2. The Almande for lute, guitar, cittern, and instrumental ensemble in France and the Low Countries 1546–1603
3. The Balletto Tedesco for lute, keyboard and ensemble in Italy 1561–1615
Part II. The Transition:
4. Vecchi, Gastoldi, and the vocal Balletto in Italy during the 1590s
5. The vocal Balletto and the instrumental Almain for keyboard, plucked strings, and ensemble in England 1550–1650
6. The vocal and instrumental ballet for lute in France 1603–1619
7. The vocal and instrumental Tanz, Ballett and allmand in Germany 1598–1628
8. The vocal and instrumental Balletto in Italy 1615–1640
Part III. The Baroque Period:
9. The Allemande for lute, clavecin, guitar, viol, and ensemble in France 1630–1731
10. The Balletto and allemanda for guitar, keyboard, and ensemble in Italy 1640–1730
11. The Allemande and Ballett for ensemble and keyboard in Germany and England 1636–1750
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