Weelkes, Thomas - Collected Anthems

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Musica Britannica - Vol. 23

Instrumentation: voix, orgue

Edition: Urtext - 1 vol. XIX - 133 p. (Edition 1966)

Etat: Occasion Bon état (couverture rigide de la Chelmsford Public Library)

Edited by David Brown, Walter Collins and Peter Le Huray
Weelkes's music for the church, obscured by his reputation as a madrigalist, is well served by this edition of his full and verse anthems. Their qualities of dramatic strength and skill in handling choral forces are no less impressive than in his popular secular compositions.


  1. Alleluia, I heard a voice (SATBB)
  2. All laud and praise (SSAATB)
  3. All people clap your hands (SAATB)
  4. Deliver us, O Lord (SAATB)
  5. Give ear, O Lord (SSAATB)
  6. Give the king Thy judgements (SSAATB)
  7. Gloria in excelsis Deo (SSAATB)
  8. Hosanna to the Son of David (SSATBB)
  9. If King Manasses (SSAATB)
  10. In Thee, O Lord (Psalm 31) (SATB)
  11. Laboravi in gemitu meo (SSAATB)
  12. Lord, to Thee I make my moan (SAATB)
  13. Most mighty and all-knowing Lord 4-part
  14. happy he whom Thou protect’st (SSATB)
  15. how amiable are Thy dwellings (SAATB)
  16. Jonathan, woe is me for thee (SSAATB)
  17. Lord, arise (SSAATBB)
  18. Lord God Almighty (SAATB)
  19. Lord, grant the king a long life (SSAATBB)
  20. Lord, how joyful is the king (SAATB)
  21. mortal man (SAATB)
  22. Plead Thou my cause (SAATB)
  23. Rejoice in the Lord (SATB)
  24. What joy so true! (SSAATB)
  25. When David heard (SSAATB)
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