• Where to buy Atelier Philidor editions in Europe ?

Paper editions of Atelier Philidor publications are now available at the French music bookstore : AUX NOTES D’ORPHÉE (8 place du petit scel, 34000 Montpellier, France, Don't hesitate to contact them for more details.

  • Do you want a score listed in the library catalogue but not yet restored ?

Please send an email to indicating the title and composer of the score you want. It will be restored for you as a priority. The score format can be customized according to your need. See the library catalogue, here.

  • Are you looking for an early music score ?

Facsimile or Urtext edition? at the best price? So many publishers exist, scattered all over the world that it can be fastidious to find what you need... Atelier Philidor is helping you:

Send an e-mail at Indicate the title, composer and type of edition (facsimile or Urtext) of the score you're looking for. Indicate also your name and address. Atelier Philidor answers you rapidly and indicates you which edition is available, its price and how to buy it.