Matelart, Joanne | Intavolatura de leuto (1559)

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Original edition, restored & expanded.

Instrumentation: 1 & 2 6-course lutes

Edition | Source: Facsimile (2019) |Valerio Dorico, Roma, 1559

Notation | Clefs: Italian tablature

Paper | Binding: Ivory paper, ivory card stock cover & metallic binding

Pages | Format: 1 volume, 29 pages - 216 x 356 mm [The format of this score has been slightly increased to improve its legibility.]

Weight: 250 g

This book contains 24 compositions: 15 "recercate o vero fantasie", intabulations of 2 mass movements by Cristobal de Morales, 7 fantasias ("recercate concertate") by Francesco da Milano and Giovanni Maria da Crema to which Matelart composed parts for a second lute.

Joanne Matelart (ca. 1538 – 1607) was a Flemish composer of the late Renaissance, active in Flanders, Bonn, and Rome.

Details of his life are relatively sparse. He came from west Flanders, and served as choirmaster in Bonn sometime in the earlier portion of his life. By 1558 he had probably come to Italy, staying until 1562, and in 1565 he took the post of maestro di cappella at the church of San Lorenzo in Damaso, where he remained for over 40 years. A note in a publication of 1596 indicates that he still held the post of choirmaster there, and was living in Rome.

Some of his music has survived, and unusually for a Roman composer, much of it is instrumental. He published a book of music for lute, which included not only 15 fantasias by himself, in tablature, but arrangements of pieces by Cristóbal de Morales, and Francesco Canova da Milano. [Source: Wikipedia]

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