Collection | Pièces pour la viola da gamba | Vol. 1 (1674)

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Instrumentation: 1 viola da gamba (bass)

Edition: Facsimile (2016) | Manuscript, 1674

1 volume, 39 pages | B&W

20 pieces in tablature for bass viol tuned "lyra-way".

Notation: French tablature



Praeludium. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7851]

Allemand. [William Young, VdGS 72]

Sarraband. [Simon Ives, VdGS 83]

Nur du stiller verschwiegener. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7852]

Courant. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7853]

Sarraband. [Charles Coleman, VdGS 478]

Allemand. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7854]

Sarraband. [Charles Coleman, VdGS 467]

Courant. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7855]

O Traurigkeit. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7856]

Sarraband. [Anonymous, VdGS anon. 7857]

Praeludium. [Anonymous]

Allemand. [Anonymous]

Courant. [Anonymous]

Gavott. [Anonymous, The King injoyes his own, VdGS anon. 7003]

Sarraband & Variation. [Anonymous]

Allemand. [Anonymous]

Courant. [Anonymous]

Nun schlaft sie schön [Simon Ives, Queen's masque, VdGS 50]

Sarraband. [Willem Deutekom, VdGS 5]

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