• Established in Canada since 2013, Atelier Philidor is a publishing house specialized in Early & Baroque Music. For preserving this musical heritage alive, Atelier Philidor restores and reprints period editions of early & baroque repertoire (music before 1800).
  • Atelier Philidor restores, edits and publishes Early Music Facsimiles intended for musicians who wish to play and study important works of the past in faithful copies of the publications in which they were first issued. The original notation and engraving are carefully preserved as well as publishers' corrections - whether effected by collettes or by manuscript insertions. Blemishes are suppressed as are owner's stamps, marginalia, memos regarding performance, and similar markings peculiar to particular copies. Format is modernized when the ancient one is inappropriate for modern performance. Facsimiles are available in printed version & digital version. Paper versions are printed on white paper with white card stock covers and coil binding.
  • Why Philidor? A tribute to André Danican Philidor “l’Aîné”, Louis XIV composer and musician, born in Versailles about 1647 and died in Dreux in 1730. He was qualified as Ordinaire de la Musique du Roi, but essentially copyist and librarian of the monarch. In 1702, he is named Guard of the King’s Music Library, Louis XIV founded shortly after his advent in order to add to the productions of its reign all the musical works created under its predecessors, Henri IV and Louis XIII.
  • When you deal with Atelier Philidor, you meet a French-born Canadian musician with musical knowledge (flautist, singer & viola da gamba learner) and a reliable customer service.
  • Hard copies of Atelier Philidor publications are also available at the French music bookstore : AUX NOTES D’ORPHÉE (8 place du petit scel, 34000 Montpellier, France, contact@notesorphee.com). Don't hesitate to contact them for more details.

The Atelier Philidor Library

harbours more than 3000 sheet music & books of early music.