Schickhardt, Johann Christian | Six sonates pour un hautbois & basse continue | Op. 8 (1710)

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Original edition restored & augmented by Atelier Philidor.

  • Instrumentation: oboe (or violin), basso continuo
  • Edition | Source: Facsimile (2019) | Amsterdam, Estienne Roger, 1710
  • Notation | Clefs: G2, F4, figured bass
  • Paper | Binding: ivory paper, ivory card stock cover & metallic binding
  • Pages | Format: 2 volumes, 52 pages - 21.6 x 27.9 cm

A part-book has been added for the bowed bass or bassoon of the continuo; figures of the continuo part in the original edition were removed to improve readability and allow for the oboe and bass players to play on the same music score.

Johann Christian Schickhardt (c1682-1762) was a German composer and woodwind player.

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