Marais, Marin | Sonnerie de Ste-Geneviève du Mont pour le violon, la viole et le clavecin (1723)

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Original edition restored and augmented Atelier Philidor.
  • The sonnerie de Ste-Geneviève du Mont is extracted from the book entitled: La gamme et autres morceaux de symphonie pour le violon, la viole et le clavecin édité en 1723.
  • Instrumentation: violin, viola da gamba (bass), basso continuo (harpsichord & bass viol)
  • Edition | Source: Facsimile (2024) | L'Auteur, Paris, 1723
  • Notation | Clefs: Sol2, Fa4, Ut3, figured bass
  • Text in French
  • Pages | Format: 3 part-books, [full score (original edition), violin & bass viol, 2 bass viols] | 62 pages, 27.9 x 21.6 cm
"The Bells of St. Genevieve" in English can be considered a passacaglia or a chaconne, with a repeating D, F, E bass line. It is perhaps Marin Marais most famous composition that explores the various techniques of the viol, an instrument he studied with Sainte-Colombe. The piece begins with 4 measures of the bass line played by the continuo and bass viol; then, on the 5th measure the violin takes over the melody. Throughout the piece, the violin and viol take turns with the melody. The viol part is of great difficulty because of Marais's mastery of that instrument. The centerpiece is not the melody, the violin, but the viol. His work can be thought of as something to showcase the violist's skill, although it does not always have the melody.
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