Hotteterre, Jacques | Suittes de pièces à 2 dessus sans basse | Oeuvres IV, VI & VIII (c1720)

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Instrumentation: 2 dessus (flutes, recorders, viola da gamba, hautboy, violins, musettes)

Edition: Facsimile (2017) | L'Auteur, Paris, 1712, 1717 & 1722

1 volume, 56 pages | B&W

Notation | Clefs: G1, G2 (transposition clefs are written by Hotterre himself)

Pieces for two equal instruments perfect to learn French ornamentation. If possible, play them at a392 Hz pitch. The bass part of the Oeuvre VI is missing.

Jacques-Martin Hotterre, dit le Romain (b Paris, 1674; d Paris, 1763) was a French flautist, bassoonist, and instrument maker, best known of French family of woodwind instrument makers, composers, and performers active in 17th and 18th cents. Called himself ‘le Romain’ probably because of visit to Italy in his youth. By 1708, he was bassoonist in Grands Hautbois and flautist in La Chambre du Roy. The flutes he made are magnificent instruments. He wrote Principes de la flûte traversière (1707), L'art de préluder sur la flûte traversière (1719) and Méthode pour la musette (1737).