Morlaye, Guillaume | Chansons, Gaillardes, Pavannes reduictz en tabulature de guiterne | Livre I (1552)

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Original edition restored by Atelier Philidor.

  • Full title: Le premier livre de Chansons, Gaillardes, Pavannes, Bransles, Almandes, Fantaisies reduictz en tabulature de Guiterne par Maistre Guillaume Morlaye joueur de luth.
  • Instrumentation: 4-course gittern (renaissance guitar)
  • Edition | Source: Facsimile (2016) | Robert Granjon & Michel Fezandat, Paris, 1552
  • Notation | Clefs : French tablature
  • Text in French
  • 1 volume, 62 pages | B&W
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The gittern was a relatively small gut-strung, round-backed instrument that first appears in literature and pictorial representation during the 13th century in Western Europe (Iberian Peninsula, Italy, France, England). It is usually depicted played with a quill plectrum, as can be seen clearly beginning in manuscript illuminations from the thirteenth century. It was also called the guiterna in Spain, guiterne or guiterre in France, the chitarra in Italy and Quintern in Germany. A popular instrument with court musicians, minstrels, and amateurs, the gittern is considered an ancestor of the modern guitar and other instruments like the mandore, bandurria and gallichon.


1. Fantaisie
2. Fantaisie
3. Ie cherche autant amour
4. Plus le voy de beaucoup estimé
5. Il estoit une fillette
6. Plourez mes yeuls
7. La voulonté
8. I'ay veu que i'estoys franc & maistre [Sandrin, Pierre (1490?-1561?)]
9. Pavanne
10. Gaillarde
11. Pavanne
12. Gaillarde
13. Gaillarde. Puis que nouvelle affection
14. Gaillarde
15. Gaillarde
16. Gaillarde. Les cinq pas
17. Gaillarde
18. Gaillarde
19. Gaillarde
20. Buffons
21. Conte clare
22. Bransle
23. Bransle
24. Bransle
25. Bransle
26. Allemande
27. Allemande 

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