Collection | The Harpsicord Master | Book I (1697)

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...Containing plain and easy Instructions for Learners on ye Spinnet or Harpsicord, written by ye late famous Mr H. Purcell at the request of a perticuler friend, & taken from his owne Manuscript, never before publish't being ye best extant, together with a Choice Collection of ye newest Aires & Song Tunes compos'd by ye best Masters, & fitted for ye Harpsicord,  Spinnet or Harp, by those that compos'd them, all graven on Copper Plates.

Instrumentation: clavecin, épinette, harpe

Édition | Source: Fac-similé (2018) | John Walsh, London, 1697

Notation | Clefs: Sol2, Fa4

Papier | Reliure: Papier ivoire & reliure métallique dorée

Pages | Format: 1 volume,  64 pages - 27.9 x 21.6 cm

Poids: 200 g

Book I of The Harpsicord Master is the first of a series of 14 keyboard books issued by the London publisher John Walsh between 1697 and 1734. This anthology is full of interest from a purely musical point of view.


  • Purcell's instructions : The Scale of the Gamut
  • Example of the time or length of Notes
  • Rules for Graces
  • Prelude for ye fingering by Mr H. Purcell
  • Mr H. Purcell | Aire
  • Mr H. Purcells new Sibell
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | The Duke of Glocester's March
  • Mr Morgon | Minuett
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | Scotch Trumpet tune
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | The Country Mans Jigg
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | an Aire
  • Mr Barrett [Barrett, John] | Aire
  • Mr Barrett [Barrett, John] | Jigg
  • Mr Barrett [Barrett, John] | Minuett
  • Mr Barrett [Barrett, John] | Scotch Aire
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | The bonny Gray Ey'd Morn
  • New Aire
  • Mr Morgon | Twas when the Sheep was Shearing
  • Aire
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | Round O Minuett
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | Almand
  • Mr Clark [Clarke, Jeremiah] | Round O
  • Mr Robert King
  • Mr Robert King | Minuet
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