Tessarini, Carlo | Sonate à tre dà camera con due violini, e basso | Op. V (1743)

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Édition originale restaurée par l'Atelier Philidor.
  • 5 Sonates & un canon pour 2 violons & basse continue
  • Instrumentation: 2 violons, continuo
  • Edition: Facsimile (2017) | Carlo e Giovanni Francesco Tessarini, Urbino, 1743
  • 3 parties séparées, 36 pages | N&B
  • Notation | Clefs : Sol2, Fa4, basse chiffrée
"...Tessarini’s work is exclusively instrumental and consists mostly of sonatas and concertos. While there are influences of Vivaldi in his music, there is no more documentary evidence for his being a pupil of Vivaldi than for Fétis’s assertion that he was a pupil of Corelli. Tessarini began to publish his works at a relatively advanced age, and his productivity increased considerably during the course of his life. Already in his early works there are formal innovations, and the cyclical form of the solo concerto became the norm in his sonatas. Tessarini’s musical idiom, characterized by syncopated, cheerful, clear themes, often with a dance quality, provides an early example of the features of galant style. As a violinist he must be counted among the best of his age, even if technically, in his compositions, he does not normally go beyond seventh position. His violin method, Grammatica di musica (Rome, 1741), is one of the first such methods and contains specific information on cadenza and ornamentation practice." [Source: Arend Koole & Albert Dunning, Grove Music Online]
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