Gabrielli, Domenico | Ricercari per Violoncello solo (1689)

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Édition originale restaurée par l'Atelier Philidor.

  • 7 ricercari pour violoncelle seul
  • Instrumentation: violoncelle baroque
  • Édition | Source: Fac-similé (2014) | Manuscrit [I-Mo-BEU, Ms. Mus. G.79]
  • Notation | Clefs: Fa4, Ut4
  • 1 volume, 35 pages | N&B
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In 1689 Domenico Gabrielli (1659-1690), nicknamed “Minghino dal violoncello”, composed the Seven Ricercari which became arguably the first set of compositions written for solo cello. The Seven Ricercari were first used by the composer himself in private teaching but quickly became a landmark in the instrument’s development. They not only laid the technical foundation on which modern cello playing was built but also represent the first attempt to explore the instrument’s expressivity. By working on these pieces, cellists of different levels can refine their fundamental skills and musicianship in preparation for studies of more advanced works in the cello literature. [In: The Pedagogical Value of Domenico Gabrielli's Seven Ricercari by Cheuk-Yan Leung]


  1. Ricercar primo [en sol mineur]
  2. Ricercar 2o [en la majeur]
  3. Ricercar 3o [en ré majeur]
  4. Ricercar 4o [en mi bémol majeur]
  5. Ricercar 5o [en do majeur]
  6. Ricercar 6o [en sol majeur]
  7. [Ricercar] 7o [en ré mineur]
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